About 2OOGLE

The 2OOGLE group is a lottery apps development group dedicated to writing useful lottery software.
We strive to make software apps that are extremely easy to use (and as intuitive as possible), and are feature-rich. The software apps have been developed for use under the Windows (c) operating system – because the processing required to crunch patterns and number selections is currently quicker on computers and laptops than smartphones. However, if there is sufficient demand, we will also look at writing lottery apps for smartphones.

We are primarily based in Australia, but use expertise from around the world. Our initial focus has been on the main Australian lottery games (Saturday, Monday, Wednesday lotto : OZLotto : Powerball : Set for Life), but the two main “number generator” apps (N [Numbers] and P [Patterns] ) have been written to cater for any one-or-two barrel lottery systems with up to 99 balls per barrel. These two apps can be used for numbers generation in most popular lotteries around the world including USA, Great Britain, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and South America.

The current set of software apps that have been developed are:
D [Data] (Australia)
A [Analyzer] (Australia)
C [Checker] (Australia)
P [Patterns]
N [Numbers]

Refer to the APPS link for more information on each of these apps.
Please do let us know what you think of our FREE trial apps, and also contact us with any suggestions or comments!

The 2OOGLE Team




Australian-based lottery software

email: contact@2oogle.com.au


The Team

We’re a small team, including maths and probability programmers, bringing logic and pattern-matching to lottery number selections.

Admin – KT, NP, IT-S
Programmers – RT, BW, CS, PL, RJ
Help/Social Media – RT, CG, ZP
Translations – BV, ZP, MB
Acknowledgements – Too many to mention individually

We are continually reviewing lottery systems and options for playing lottery games around the world, and include the latest thinking and improvements in our lottery apps.

Refer to the APPS page for our software details.

All the best in your lottery gaming!



We actually have two mottos :

(1) “GIVE LUCK A PUSH!   … with 2oogle apps”

(2) “only spend what you can really afford to lose”
(We strongly advocate the same for you!)


LOTTO RESULTS (Experimental)

2oogle Agents

We are accepting Agent enquiries for resellers and on-sellers of the 2oogle software.

Benefits of becoming a 2oogle agent include:

  • Only one small annual agent fee payable
  • Ongoing commissions based on annual sales and subscriptions for 2oogle software
  • Regional and/or National geographic agent status
  • Input to the 2oogle lottery business model and software direction
  • Active participation in the 2oogle business benefits scheme

If you wish to sign up as a 2oogle agent, please send an email to agents@2oogle.com.au and outline your target geographic or electronic area, and the number of contacts whom you can introduce to the 2oogle software family.